24 Karot Stables

                                 Leasing Program


Unsure if owning a horse is right for you? Looking to instill a sense of responsibility in your children? Not sure which horse is right for you? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions leasing might be the option for you. We offer  different types of leases each of which has different options to cater this experience to you or your family’s needs.  

Partial Lease

This is for someone who wants to have the ability to ride horses without lessons. Someone who wants to just get away and be with a horse. You would be able to pick how many days a week you wanted to ride.

Half Lease

 Are you busy with school or work? Never owned a horse before? A half lease is a wonderful opportunity without an every day commitment. Three days a week, you  have  access to the horse of your choice allowing you to get a feel for owning a horse  .

Full Lease

This option allows full access to the horse of your choice six days per week. Come down take, care of your horse, ride, and make friends and memories that will last a life time. This is just like owning your own without all the crazy expenses involved.