24 Karot Stables


Training Board:  This is for someone who has a horse that they need help with. Instead of paying crazy training fees I include a set amount of riding time and lessons that is included with the regualr full board.

Full Board: This is for someone who doesnt have enough time to take care of their horse, where they cant make it down everyday, or they just want the luxury of just rididng and leaving. I will supply all of the grain, hay and shavings for your horse. T/O will be provided as well.

Semi- Rough: This is not as basic as rough or full but it helps the select few out. This is where you proivde all the hay, feed, shavings, etc but I will feed your horse and turn them out. You are still responsible for mucking your stall.

Rough Board: This is where you provide all the hay, grain, shaving, feed, etc. You are requried to muck out the stalls on a daily basis. I basically provide you with a stall and the rest is up to you.

All boarding options have access to the riding ring, trails, wash stall, lounge and bathroom